Magento Enterprise

Magento Enterprise

The Magento is the simple method to boost evolution of every eCommerce business. It features are developed in a very simple manner so that anyone can take benefits by using its complete custom solution, maximize sales, and achieve development. Nevertheless, the Magento is expanding swiftly after adoption, and their merchants need this more than the community. Some require advanced features and deep adaptation, some want big functionality changes, and other wants high-level reinforcement via a standard agreement of the service.

Magento Enterprise Edition (EE) version 2.0 launched in 2016 and was titled as king of eCommerce solutions by capturing 29.1% of entire market share in 2016.

Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition are truly sturdy and most loved solutions, but the cost is different for using both editions.

Magento Enterprise Edition

Magento’s this edition is much capable to enhance your ecommerce sales with minimal efforts, and this feature makes it premium and paid. The paid members of the Magento Enterprise Edition unlocks the support by Magento team via email and phone. The cost of this version is around $22,000 for a year which includes security, some special features which are not available in the normal version, and improvements.

Magento Community Edition

This version of Magento is open-source CMS and is absolutely free which can be downloaded by anyone to develop their web store. It’s perfect for the small-scale business persons who what to get involved into ecommerce website. It can be customized easily and you can also use Magento extension marketplace to inflate the functionality of your website. Nevertheless, it’s not a good idea to do it by yourself if you do have very little or no experience of it. We will suggest you find some Magento Development company or Magento Developer for developing your Magento store.

Magento Enterprise vs Community Edition Features

The Cost:- Magento EE is paid (pay to use advanced features), while the Magento CE is available for free.

Additional functionalities which come with higher cost can be understood based on your business.

Performance:- The community version is fast. However, businesses that require more modules may need to purchase Enterprise Edition. Some features can be added to the free version using extensions. Performance is better along with the paid version.

Functionality:- Magento EE as well as Magento CE have the same root but there is an advantage of the paid version which includes advanced features such as

  • Advanced segmentation with intended offerings
  • Return management authorization
  • Minimum advertised price
  • Enhanced Catalog
  • Content Management System
  • Price and promotion permission
  • Call center software with obliged shopping and staged merging
  • Rollback of content.

Security:- Magento CE doesn’t have credit card tokenization or highly secured bridges for payments. This can be a problem as these facilities are required by banks and credit card companies.

“Not PCI Compliant” is the biggest problem with the free edition but the Magento Enterprise provides you Powerful Security Feature( PA-DSS).

I saw that the strategy is that the community is “Not PCI Compliant”. This is the latest topic, and it can be very complexed. If you will follow the below procedure, then it will be good for you.

  1. Fill out your PCI paperwork
  2. Implementing PCI policies
  3. Documenting your PCI technical policies
  4. Using a payment gateway that will redirect you to PayPal or some other HTTPS to communicate with an API.

Once you start doing 20,000 transactions per year or more than that, there will be more paperwork for you – but this should not frighten you. Your provider will be glad to work with you not only in the completion of the documentation but answer any queries you may have.

Magento Enterprise V/s Magento Community Community Edition Enterprise Edition
Code-level Access Yes Yes
Web services API Yes Yes
Mobile HTML Theme Pre-integrated Yes Yes
Extensions Yes Yes
API Integrations Yes Yes
Themes Yes Yes
Mobile Commerce Yes Yes
Technical Support No Yes
Built-in Security No Yes
Multiple Stores Yes Yes
Store Credits No Yes
Multiple Store Views Yes Yes
Advanced Administrator Roles Yes Yes
Advanced Customer Segmentation and Targeting No Yes
Advanced Return Management Authorization No Yes
Private Sales, Event, Invitations No Yes
Persistent Shopping Cart Yes Yes
Flexible Pricing Rules Yes Yes
Price and Promotion Permission No Yes
Minimum Advertised Price No Yes
Analytics and Reporting Yes Yes
Layered Navigation Yes Yes
Enhanced Catalog and Content Management System No Yes
Staging, Merging and Rollback of Content No Yes
International Commerce and Multiple Languages Yes Yes
Shipping Rules, Payment Configurations, and Gateways Yes Yes
Reward Points No Yes
Product Configurations Yes Yes
Up-sells, Cross-sells, and Related Products Yes Yes
SEO Yes Yes
Full-page Caching No Yes
Flexible Couponing and Promotions Yes Yes
Customer Accounts Management Yes Yes
Order Management Yes Yes
Gift Registry and Gifting Options No Yes
Call Center with Assisted Shopping No Yes
Solr Search No Yes
Which one to choose?

The free edition is the most practical choice. While Magento EE has some excellent additional functionality, if you are not using it then it may not be worth it.

Nevertheless, if businesses are planning to work at the next level, they must invest in premium platforms that is Magento Enterprise Edition.

Choosing this software can provide the necessary features to enhance the business. It is important to keep in mind the business needs and future plans.

For some sites, an Enterprise is understandable. There is a marketing team, internal or external which will help plan planning for marketing suits. They can have a team to analyze the usage and to maintain these facilities consistently. If not, start with the community.

The Community Edition is a free open source solution, which means there is not a much need for your store or brand in terms of sales volume. Although, if you are dealing with millions of dollars in revenues per year, then we recommend everyone to use Magento Enterprise, which is mostly based on the “box-out” functionality in the community.

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