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Magento 2.0 Enterprise Pricing

The price of Magento 2.0 eCommerce platform relies on the Magento Enterprise edition and the hosting you will select to use. Magento 2 Community Edition will remain open-source at no cost. The cost of Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (EE) license starts from $22,000 – $125,000/year which depends on your yearly sales income. Magento 2.0 is now offering a cloud option known as Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition that packages collectively licensing and Amazon Web Services dependent hosted and facilities from $40,000 to $190,000 for 1 year which is based on your calculative yearly sales income.

Cost Comparison Table Of Magento 2.0

Yearly Sales Income Magento 2.0 Enterprise
Edition Cost
Magento 2.0 Enterprise Cloud
Edition Cost
$0 – $1 million $22,000 $40,000
$1 – $5 million $32,000 $55,000
$5 – $10 million $49,000 $80,000
$10 – $25 million $75,000 $120,000
$25 – $50 million $125,000 $190,000

Magento 2.0 Community Edition (CE) Pricing

Magento rolled out this platform at the end of 2015 for free and they are still providing Community Edition for free. Overall, Magento 2 Community Edition acquires the most of the platform-wide studied transformations made in the Enterprise offers, with worthy instances close to measurability, promotions, security, marketing, fidelity, and consumer support.

Magento 2.0 Enterprise Edition (EE) Pricing

The cost of Magento 2.0 Enterprise license begins from $22,000 yearly for merchandisers producing below $1 million. The more yearly income a businessperson produces, they move a step ahead to the next income rank and the license cost will be increased. Other platforms such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud or Shopify Plus, do not have gross ranks–alternatively, they have set their license fees on a direct proportion of yearly income and license fees, thus, it increases with every supplementary dollar in income.

For real discourse, Magento EE used to have a per-server pricing model. This operated good and made consciousness when most of the organizations used conventional hosting environments. From the past few years, many more organizations have progressively used cloud-based hosting on hosts similar to Amazon Web Services. Given the built-in adaptability in the number of servers online in a cloud hosting server.

Endorsement of a pricing model based on earning categories produces much sense. It will be a significant cost adjustment for many Magento consumers, it regulates pricing to be more in-line with the objective of the business. For vendors in the middle of the fund categories —which lies between $5 to $25 million line — the process to be conducted for EE is often simpler. For businesses achieving below $5 million in income, if you see at the expense expended on licensing V/s the income being developed by the site, it is harder to establish the case for Enterprise over CE.

Magento 2.0 Enterprise Cloud Edition Pricing

Magento’s 2.0 Enterprise Cloud Edition is a new emerging gift from Magento 2.0 platform release and connects to an enterprise license and hosting in the same fee cognition. For business people making below $ 1 million per year, the yearly worth starts from $ 40,000. For the new Enterprise Cloud Edition consumers, Magento offers to pay monthly to administer the current yearly cost of the system within that particular year.

It happens that nearly mid-sized business people will end up acquiring a lot of further worth for their money inside Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition as the number of side by side services and securities that Magento has reinforced into the well-developed platform.

magento cloud stackThe basic cost of the Magento EE license and a somewhat-sized setup for Amazon Web Services cloud, Magento is considering extra services, that includes:

  1. New Relic APM Pro infrastructure artifact
  2. PHP application function perceptibility and calibration
  3. Fastly for CDN and DDoS security

It is an all-inclusive line-up of tools for which many mid-marketplace business people already financing in Magento EE. The capability to have all these at the same place is emphatically an enchanted selection. Magento does not split out licensing cost of application from hosting infrastructure cost so there is no other way to make one-by-one scrutinies.


The cost of Magento 2 differs extensively relies on you if you are selecting a free or paid version. It is great that Magento still offers a free, nevertheless slightly limited version of Magento ecommerce platform. Due to the modifications in the pricing for EE, and new offerings in ECE too, Magento expects is that some more retailers will upgrade and empower for the paid version.

The modifications to Magento’s complete contributions and raised competition at the scantier end of the retailer’s spectrum– will be in $1 million sums of the yearly income limit. We believe that more beyond revenue retailers will fully admit Magento EE or Magento ECE in near future.


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