Magento Enterprise

Magento Enterprise Cost

The magento enterprise cost is platform that based on edition you use. And choice the hosting is open sources and free.the cost range of magento licensing  $22,000.00- $125,000.00/year. It is based on annual gross sales revenue.the enterprise cost effective based cloud hosting option called enterprise cloud edition that bundles together licensing ranges from

$40,000.00 – $190,000.00/ year.

Magento community edition is used a mass of merchants.and the values for magento enterprise can not be changed. Magento enterprise is a great solution for the large business come with direct access to magento enterprise team. The power full version can not come in the community version.the enterprise cost has been alway heavy traffic.

Magento enterprise license cost:-

The cost of magento enterprise licence depend on enterprise cost.

License Cost: magento 1.x EE:-

Licenses for new update version installation are not able anymore since magento has been launched last november.and renewable of licenses for 3 year.the upgrade version of magento enterprise licence stor5e to M2.

License Cost: Magento 2EE:-

The license was also based on Per-Server model. Which wasn’t a great deal when you using Elastic Load Balancing instances.

Below you can see the relation Revenue X License Cost X Percentage.

Revenue (in USD) License Cost (Year) (In USD) Percentage
0 – 1M 22K min  2.2%
1M – 5M 32K 3.2% – 0.64%
5M – 10M 49K 0.98% – 0.49%
10M – 25M 75K 0.75% – 0.3%



Magento enterprise cost has improve. It is based on performance and scalability.

Cost of Magento 2- Community Edition pricing:-

Magento continue offering a free Community Edition (CE) when the platform rolled out at the end of 2015.

Cost of Magento 2 -Enterprise Edition Pricing:-

The list of magento enterprise cost has changed year wise.

Year Cost
2009 $8,000
2010 $12,990
2011 $12,990
2012 $14,420
2013 $15,550
2014 $17,900
2015 $17,900

Ours magento enterprise cost develop is backed by performance of magento developer, quality analysis, magento developer.which enables us to meet the most challenging project requirements.all types problem of customer solve very fastly.

Magento Enterprise cost all features:-

  • Advanced ACL
  • Content staging and merging
  • Private sales, events and invitations
  • Customer segmentation
  • Loyalty system
  • CMS+
  • Automated email marketing reminders
  • Assisted shopping