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Magento Enterprise cloud Edition is platform service its built on Amazon Web services global infrastructure.Magento merchants can know easily their sites as well as can handle easily demand and spend more time on optimising their stores for customers.

Magento Enterprise cloud Edition setting up and running a Magento store with the flexible mode.

Its flexible open source platform with less limitation

Its built for designed innovative Ecommerce websites.One of the main advantages of cloud edition is its fully customized secure and scalable web storefronts. Its provide merchants to know the ability to offer highly customer experiences. In the rapid environment, our merchants have to agility to respond to customers can continuously deploy innovations easily and don’t have to worry about the day to day management of infrastructure.

Magento in the advantage of cloud edition is an established and successful architecture and cloud edition also offers modern cloud computing benefits.

We combined a highly performant and scalable PaaS platform with everything our clients love about Magento

We can say Magento enterprise cloud is a game changer. Cloud Edition runs on Amazon Web Services it is known for its reliability and scalability and low costs. You can’t imagine 30 percent of Magento Enterprise clients already host using AWS.

Magento 2.0 has been built from using the latest web applications implements, technologies and extraordinary practice of design and coding.

Magento 2.0 uses new technologies and advance creativity for best practice for both coding and design. One most important advantage of Magento 2.0 comes with built-in testing scripts it extends the time to take develop a new feature for website its provide future based proof code with its no doubt its efficient for merchants in long run with effective costs.

Technologies used by the Magento commerce developer

  • Git
  • Composer
  • Secure Shell (SSH)
  • MySQL (including command-line interaction)

Magento Commerce (Cloud) architecture

For every plan, we have needed a unique architecture to drive your Magento development and deployment process.

For the starter plan architecture has four environments:

Integration– For each environment include active Git branch, database, web server, caching, configurations and service environment variables.

Staging- Staging active branch, database, web server, configurations and caching services.

Production – When your code ready and tested then all codes merges to master for deployment to the production live site.

Inactive- You can have an unlimited number of inactive branches.

Pro projects

Pro plan architecture has a global master of three environments:

Integration- You can easily deploy, develop and test your code before merging to the staging environment.

Staging- The staging for pre-production testing and includes a database, web server, caching, services, environment variables, configurations and services rapidly.

Easily can upgrades and patches

We recommend the composer update command and use composer for patches and upgrades to Magento ecommerce cloud. Magento commerce cloud checks for pending patches and updates when code changes to the remote environment.

Magento cloud offers you a better scale solution. With the AWS system its covers almost all locations around the world, merchants with global ambitions can quickly expand their reach with ease.

Less IT dependence

Magento cloud platform developed for more robust and secure offering 24/7 support. Using this platform it will be automatically updated to the latest version and functions which will be available for merchants as soon as they are life.

Faster Market Rollout

Magento Enterprise allows us to create new content and features for the fast delivery across geographic locations for the fastest service need to merchant customers.

It uses advanced technology for client business globally.