Magento Enterprise

Magento Enterprise Pricing

Only 63.3% online retailers selecting new eCommerce platform because of value for price is the important factor according to recent research by internet retailer. Magento release many online retailers consider Magento (enterprise edition). Magento eCommerce to obtain current pricing and Magento has not provide public pricing information and pricing information.

The Pricing Difference

The enterprise edition for magento 2.0 starts at $22,000 and for the original magento plan starts at $18,000 per year. Company brings for magento 2, the final price is determined by the amount of revenue and for magento 1 a magento license increased with each server.

Pricing differences (2009 to 2016):

  • 2009: $8,000
  • 2015: $18,000
  • 2016: $22,000

Magento 2 was costly then magento 1 because you paid per server that you licensed.

If your owned business makes millions or less in gross merchandise sales value then they take $22,000. If your company’s gross merchandise sales value is more than 1 million, the cost will rise.

Some of gross merchandise sales value (GMV) = License Cost:

  • Under $1M GMV = $22,000
  • $1M – $5M GMV = $32,000
  • $5M – $10M = $49,000
  • $10M – $25M = $75,000

Since ECE is fully-hosted, then the prices got more expensive, than we expect to pay between $40,000-$190,000 for whole year. ECE’s pricing is based on the GMV.

Some general scales, GMV = License Cost:

  • Under $1M = $40,000
  • $1M – $5M = $55,000
  • $5M – $10M = $80,000
  • $10M – $25M = $120,000
  • $25M – $50M = $190,000

Different magento enterprise pricing options

  1. Amazon Pay: You can easily add Amazon Pay to your Magento account. You do need an Amazon Pay account, but after you register you can integrate Amazon Pay into your Magento account.   
  2. Apple Pay: Starting as just an app, Apple Pay is now available on websites including your Magento store. Your customers can easily purchase your products through their iOS device or on their Apple ID.
  3. Google Wallet: You can accept payments from your customer’s Google accounts and from the card they have saved in their Google Wallet. Integrating Google Wallet also helps boost SEO.
  4. Bitcoin and Altcoins: Because of its security and effectiveness, more digital consumers are choosing bitcoins and altcoins as payment methods. Accepting bitcoins and altcoins can help your store attract these consumers.
  5. PayPal: This payment service is by far the most widely used because of its efficiency and safety. PayPal is also great for international shoppers.

Competitors and their pricing

For comparison, here are some of costs for other eCommerce platforms at an Enterprise Level:

  • Hybris: $54,000/year.
  • Oracle: $50,000 first year, and $110,000 each following year.
  • Shopify Plus: Starts at $2,000/month.

Magento  enterprise price:2009-2015